What is definition of dre/36 vrs opponents
How is this actually defined? I know lower is better but what is expected effect of def player with dre of -.10 going against an offensive player averaging 35 fantasy points per game? Thanks, Mike
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    Matt Dirzulaitis (467 Reputation Points)

    DRE is a daily estimate of a stat called RAPM created by Kevin Ferrigan. DRE is basically an adjusted plus/minus for when a player is on the floor and therefore the player's dre/36 is that player's estimated net points contributed per 36 minutes. The higher the player's DRE the better their team is expected to perform.

    As for predicting an offensive player's output vs. a defensive player's dre rating, it totally depends on circumstances such as whether that player will be guarding them the whole game or if a team switches screens for instance. It can be a good way to find a good/bad matchup, but isn't a full indicator of a team's designed defensives efforts to stop said player.

    I hope this helps.