3 player keeper
QB Cam Newton, RB La'veon Bell,RB Doug Martin, WR DeAndre Hopkins,WR Odell beckman...who would you keep?
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    Robert Lampert (450 Reputation Points)
    You should keep Lev Bell, and Odell Beckham Jr. for sure. Nuk Hopkins is going to have the best quarterback he's ever had throwing him the ball and he'll be playing mad while trying to earn a new contract. Drop the muscle hamster and crybaby Fig Newton to the draft pool. You may be able to pick both of them up for your 2016 roster.
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    Alex Venti (520 Reputation Points)
    All but Cam, much easier to find a QB than those other three superstars.
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    Austan Kas (452 Reputation Points)
    Assuming it cost the same to keep each player, I think you have to keep Beckham, Hopkins and Martin. All three are in the top 11 in our projections.