Bye Week Problems
I have 2 spots where all my players have bye weeks at QB and TE. Ryan and Rivers at QB and Gates and Tamme at TE. No way to trade for Rivers especially after last night so I'm thinking of dropping him and possibly picking up Ponder? Also available are Bradford, Palmer, Wilson, and Weeden. At TE drop Tamme and pick up Gresham, Pitta or Myers? I also have Steven Jackson, Malcom Floyd, Donnie Avery and Steve Smith on the bench I can drop to pick someone up. Thoughts?
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    Hardliner1 (388 Reputation Points)
    Ponder is a sure thing. He's got weapons. That's why I picked him up. As far as TE, I'd check for anyone that's on a team where the QB throws for more than 30 attempts per game. Gresham is a good pickup throughout, but be careful starting him this week vs PIT. People have been dropping Jermichael Finley a lot lately, but he's worth a look too. Now that Aaron Rodgers is cooking again, he'll be a big target to aim for.