Rest of Season Projections
Is it possible to put the rest of season projections for football up somewhere like they are for baseball? I'm trying to compare all relevant receivers for rest of season in order to gauge waiver wire add/drops and trades, but the team I've made with all of them can't be created because I'm over the 50 player max team limit. I've made teams like this with QB, RB and TE, but there are too many receivers to fit on one team.
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    Michael Worthington (586 Reputation Points)
    You asked for it, we built it. Check out for all your remainder of season projections broken down the same way our weekly projections are (all offense, flex, and individual positions). Hope this helps out with your decision making.
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    Eli Bogursky (301 Reputation Points)
    Thanks very much
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    Keith Goldner (815 Reputation Points)
    It's a feature we're planning to add (and have been planning to add), hopefully it will be available soon! For now, you're doing it the best way possible.
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    Ankit Monga (424 Reputation Points)
    to be honest you should listen to projections for example alex smith was projected 18 points last week he had 2 in my league lol