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    Nik Bonaddio (433 Reputation Points)
    Hmmm. They're about equal in my book.
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    Aidan Milburn (500 Reputation Points)
    yes, Miller is a big target for Ben, Pitta had a couple huge games, but don't expect him to produce like that a lot
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    Danny B (396 Reputation Points)
    I think Miller is more of a primary target for the Steelers than Pitta is for the Ravens. Roethlisberger has stated publicly that one of his goals for the season is to ensure that Miller makes it to the Pro Bowl. Pitta will turn in some 0 reception weeks.
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    danny collins (500 Reputation Points)
    i would buddy. i had pitta and just dropped him this week for celek. they have been using pitta more for run blocking it seems lately. and dickson has been getting his targets here and there
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    Robert Shorts (500 Reputation Points)
    Miller because he has been a primary target when on the field, especially red zone. Pitta is at best the second option on offense so far but isn't consistently the go to option on offense. He has had a lot of targets this season so far but his role is lessening as the main stars are starting to produce more.
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    I think they are even as well. he has had a few bad games, but may turn it around.. I would wait until after this week to decide.. if he still doesn't produce I would do this.. If he still gets a lot of targets I would keep Pitta