Flex Decision in PPR
Steven Jackson, Andrew Hawkins, Sidney Rice, Kenny Britt, Jeremy Kerley
All seem mediocre at best but which one is favorable?
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    Hardliner1 (388 Reputation Points)
    Rice is also a good option based on the Wash Defense matchup, but he just doesn't get targets like he should. Hawkins is up against my Brownies. He broke one off for a touchdown last time they played. Like Marc said, this would be easy if Jackson were healthy...
    Michael Dillard (686 Reputation Points)
    Does the return of Joe Haden matter much in choosing Hawkins do you think? I guess he will mostly be all over Green
    Hardliner1 (388 Reputation Points)
    that's what I'm thinking. The Browns don't play a lot of man coverage, but Green it's good for at least 4 catches, even if Haden plays him well.
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    Marc Oxenreider (500 Reputation Points)
    Man, if SJax was healthy, I'd say go with him. This is a gamble for you and I feel for you man. I'd probably go with Hawkins on this one. JK I feel should be watched before starting him.