trying to buy low on MJD what should i try and offer for him?
My team is Peyton, Shady, Ap, Andre, Vjax, Kyle Rudolph, Cards D, Akers, Gerhart, Marshall, HartLine, Britt, Andy Dalton, Boldin and Gibson and Vikings D
His team is RG3, MJD, Lynch, Mcgahee, Colston, James Jones, Gronk, Giants D. Tucker, Jennings, Meachem, Bush, Cutler, Felix Jones, Nate Washington, Andre Brown
He wants a receiver, should i try and make a move?
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    Matt Mannie (500 Reputation Points)
    you'd likely have to package marshall or andre - andre is tough because he's on a run fisrt - and second - team, but has the 3rd best rest of season sched. for wr's good luck dan