Drop Meachem or Lafell?
Both disappointing. Meachem has one good game, then one bad. Lafell gets no looks from Cam and Cam is having problems. How would you rank Meachem, Lafell, Brandon Gibson, and Josh Gordon in a PPR league?
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    JD (500 Reputation Points)
    Meachem just had a good game, which means he will have an average game next, but he has a QB that can find him. I like LaFell - a LOT - but he needs to be on a team that passes (more), and Cam doesn't as much as Rivers does. I'd have to rate them Meachem, Gordon, Gibson now that Amendola is out (but still alive than God!), and LaFell simply because of their situations. They are all about the same competence, just different situations.
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    Andrew Wirtz (409 Reputation Points)
    In a PPR, RIGHT NOW I would go in this order: LaFell, Meachem, Gordon, Gibson. I would watch Gordon closely though. He may move up the board.