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    Dan1400 (327 Reputation Points)
    I think its close, I might give the nod to Turner as they are playing Arizona and the Jags are playing the Texans. But Turner looked really old last week. And there is always the fear that Quiz will get more carries.
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    Adam Savrin (349 Reputation Points)
    Turner. His matchup isn't great, but its better than Jennings. Jennings just failed miserably against Indy. I can't see him doing anything against Houston. Turner might end up with a TD since his team can move the ball on Arizona.

    The PPR factor helps Jennings, but he hasn't caught that many passes in a few weeks. If you can find a ranking of "receptions allowed to RBs by D/STs" and you find that Houston gives up a lot of receptions to RBs, then you can go with Jennings. But assuming Houston's as good in that area as they are elsewhere, I'd go with Turner.
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    Eric De Caro (500 Reputation Points)
    thanks much