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The True Impact of PPR Scoring in Fantasy Football

Points-per-reception leagues are becoming commonplace in fantasy football. How should that impact your strategy?

"I like him more in PPR leagues."

"In PPR leagues, he's a stud."

"Are we talking PPR? Then..."

Everyone is guilty of this when it comes to discussing fantasy football -- myself included. It's pretty easy to assume that awarding a full fantasy point to a player for catching a pass is going to skew weekly and year-end data with enough weight to alter your thought process about certain players.

After all, PPR scoring makes high-volume receivers imminently more valuable compared to other receivers, right?

Well, it's not always that simple. Sure, this will impact year-end rankings for nearly every player, some more than others, but just how important is it to weigh in receptions in year-long fantasy football? And how does it impact each of the three major positions that rely on catches?

Let's break things down.

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