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Daily Fantasy Football: How to Optimize Kicker Selection

In daily fantasy football, when it comes time to select a kicker, many just pick based on pricing. However, having any semblance of process can give you a significant advantage.

I have bad tastes in almost everything. I'm addicted to an MTV reality show called Are You the One? in which a bunch of 20-somethings drink heavily for 70 days and try to find their "perfect match" for love. My favorite music comes from Tech N9ne, who I'll admit is a fairly mediocre rapper, but he has cool hair, so whatever. And I've watched The Room more times than I care to admit.

You can't have a bad opinion. Unless your opinion aligns with mine.

It should come as no shock, then, that my favorite position in fantasy football is one of which not many others are fans. It's all about the kicker, baby.

I get why people dislike kickers. They're seemingly hard to predict, high-variance positions that can either win or lose you a lot of money. This causes others to completely disregard the position and not put any thought into it at all.

This is why I love them so much. If you simply try to pick a good kicker, you'll give yourself an edge over the competition. Sure, you're still subject to the same variance, but it will more often swing in your favor if you're smart about it.

Let's run through some more basic thoughts on kicker selection. This is simply the process I use, and I'm not saying you need to do it this way. This is merely a guide for those of you who want to do as little work as possible when it comes to selecting my favorite position.

Talent Doesn't Matter

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