50 Things Owners Should Know Through Fantasy Football's Regular Season Halfway Point

Russell Wilson leads the league in rushing efficiency, and that's translated to a lot of fantasy points.

It's hard to believe, but we're already halfway through most fantasy football league regular seasons. And unfortunately for many, that means you've only got a handful of weeks to make up for your slow starts.

If you're sitting at 1-6 or 2-5, I'm sure you've made some poor lineup decisions. I bet you regret drafting some of the players you drafted (Cordarrelle Patterson?). And, because it's fantasy football, I'd be willing to say you've had your fair share of bad luck.

It's time to improve. It's time to get better. And the only way to get better is to learn. Preferably through data.

Let's take a look at some key takeaways and stats from the first seven weeks of the season. Perhaps it'll help turn your miserable campaign into a winning one.

1. The Falcons have allowed nine double-digit PPR fantasy performances to running backs.
2. The Cardinals have allowed two.
3. Arizona's quarterbacks produced 9.45 fantasy points per contest with Carson Palmer sidelined. Palmer has averaged 18.29 fantasy points per game when active.
4. Russell Wilson has the highest Rushing Net Expected Points (NEP) total in the entire NFL.
5. Wilson's fantasy point total from rushing (50.7) is higher than Zac Stacy's cumulative fantasy point total, which includes receiving.
6. Le'Veon Bell has yet to rank lower than 16th at running back in a single week this season in PPR leagues.
7. DeMarco Murray's lowest rank is 8th.
8. 33 different quarterbacks have produced a top-12 (QB1) quarterback performance this year.
9. Only one of those performances came against the Pittsburgh Steelers (Ryan Fitzpatrick)
10. Peyton Manning has yet to finish worse than 10th at quarterback in a given week this year.
11. Andrew Luck hasn't finished worse than 9th.
12. No Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback has had a top-10 fantasy performance.
13. In PPR leagues, only Allen Hurns has produced a weekly wide receiver ranking higher than 19th for Jacksonville.
14. The Jaguars aren't very good at football.
15. The Cincinnati Bengals have allowed four top-five performances to tight ends this season.
16. The New Orleans Saints haven't surrendered a single top-10 performance to the position.
17. Dennis Pitta saw more Week 1 targets than Ladarius Green has seen all season long.
18. Ladarius Green has fewer fantasy points scored than Daniel Fells.
19. Antonio Gates has ranked outside the top 12 at tight end (TE1) just twice this season in PPR leagues.
20. His quarterback, Philip Rivers, has ranked outside of the top-10 at his position twice.
21. Antone Smith has more top-24 running back performances in PPR leagues ("startable") than both LeSean McCoy and Eddie Lacy.
22. Drew Brees has yet to finish higher than 8th in a given week in quarterback scoring.
23. Kirk Cousins, who no longer has a starting gig, has finished higher than 8th twice.
24. Six different quarterbacks have ended as the highest-scoring player at the position in a given week this year.
25. Russell Wilson is the only one to do it twice.
26. Six different running backs have ended as the highest-scoring player at the position in a given week this year in PPR leagues.
27. Matt Forte is the only one to do it twice.
28. Six different wide receivers have ended as the highest-scoring player at the position in a given week this year in PPR leagues.
29. Demaryius Thomas is the only one to do it twice.
30. A different tight end has finished as the top scorer at the position every week so far this season.
31. And 37 different tight ends have produced TE1 (top-12) performances this season in PPR leagues.
32. Every defense that has faced the Jaguars has finished in the top 10 in fantasy scoring.
33. Only one team defense has finished higher than 20th against Denver (Seattle, who finished 19th in Week 3).
34. Indianapolis has allowed zero top-12 (WR1) performances in PPR leagues this year.
35. Tampa Bay has allowed five.
36. There have been 41 100-yard rushing games from running backs this year.
37. Only 24 different running backs make up the list of 41.
38. We've seen 43 different instances where a running back totaled more than 20 attempts in a single game this season.
39. Among these instances, only Donald Brown's Week 3 resulted in fewer than 70 yards rushing.
40. The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs have yet to allow a running back touchdown.
41. Not surprisingly (given number one on this list), the Atlanta Falcons have allowed 12, the most in the NFL.
42. Speaking of the Chiefs, the highest rank a Kansas City wide receiver has had this year in a given week is 28th.
43. No Chiefs wide receiver has scored more than 15.4 PPR fantasy points in a week this year.
44. Packers wide receivers have hit the 15.4 mark 10 different times.
45. Antonio Brown has hit it in all but one week this season.
46. Logan Thomas and Blaine Gabbert are the only quarterbacks with a quarterback rating above 100 against the Broncos. (Because garbage time.)
47. Frank Gore has finished in the top-15 at running back in a given week just once this season.
48. Adrian Peterson has more top-30 running back performances than Toby Gerhart.
49. Denard Robinson is the only Jaguar running back with a game that produced more than 10 PPR fantasy points.
50. If you get Denard Robinson off the waiver wire this week, you should trade him.

Good luck over the second half of the season!