FanDuel NFL Snake Draft Rankings: Week 2

How do numberFire's algorithms rank the main slate player pool in head-to-head, three-entry, and six-entry drafts?

Fantasy sports have come a long way since their inception.

Gathering with friends and drafting the perfect team was -- and still is -- a big part of fantasy sports. But FanDuel has done its part in changing how we play and think about a particular slate of sports games.

And guess what? They’re going back to the classics and bringing snake drafts to the forefront of the daily fantasy scene.

Each week, you can hop into a live fantasy football draft and pick your six-player team against the rest of your league. No salary cap involved. Just draft.

You can read more about the strategy behind daily fantasy NFL snake drafts, but here’s a jumpstart for the upcoming slate.

Daily Fantasy Football Snake Draft Rankings

Here’s how numberFire’s projections rank the field in a head-to-head, three-entry, and six-entry draft. (Be sure to check the projections throughout the week for updates.)

These rankings compare each player’s projection to the replacement level of his position. In a head-to-head draft, no more than two quarterbacks can be drafted, so every passer is compared to the QB2 in terms of weekly projections. For running backs, up to six running backs can be drafted in a two-entry draft, so they're all compared to the RB6 in projections to see the biggest gaps in value.

Here's how the Week 2 rankings look across various draft sizes. (Snake draft position rank refers to a player's raw projection rank, so the RB3 is expected for the third-most FanDuel points among running backs.)

PlayerSnake Draft
Position Rank
Christian McCaffreyRB1211
Ezekiel ElliottRB2422
Saquon BarkleyRB3533
Derrick HenryRB4744
Davante AdamsWR/TE1159
Lamar JacksonQB13610
Dalvin CookRB51175
Kenyan DrakeRB61286
Aaron JonesRB71997
DeAndre HopkinsWR/TE261011
Clyde Edwards-HelaireRB822118
Julio JonesWR/TE381215
Tyreek HillWR/TE491317
Chris GodwinWR/TE5101418
Dak PrescottQB2121519
Amari CooperWR/TE6121621
Allen Robinson IIWR/TE7151722
Mike EvansWR/TE8161823
Kyler MurrayQB3181920
David JohnsonRB9381912
Travis KelceWR/TE9171924
Austin EkelerRB10432213
Jonathan TaylorRB11442314
Patrick MahomesQB4232426
Calvin RidleyWR/TE10202529
Terry McLaurinWR/TE10202529
Raheem MostertRB12462716
Adam ThielenWR/TE12242831
DJ MooreWR/TE13252933
Robert WoodsWR/TE14263034
JuJu Smith-SchusterWR/TE15273136
Josh AllenQB5293235
Mark AndrewsWR/TE16283338
Cooper KuppWR/TE17303439
Marvin Jones Jr.WR/TE18313540
Stefon DiggsWR/TE19323643
Todd Gurley IIRB13593725
Deshaun WatsonQB6353840
DJ Chark Jr.WR/TE20333946
Ronald Jones IIRB14654027
T.Y. HiltonWR/TE21344148
Melvin Gordon IIIRB15704228
Michael GallupWR/TE22364351
Will Fuller VWR/TE23374452
Aaron RodgersQB7394549
Nyheim HinesRB16734632
Matt RyanQB8404750
Tom BradyQB9424854
David MontgomeryRB17844937
Marquise BrownWR/TE24415055
Mitchell TrubiskyQB10475156
Zach ErtzWR/TE25455257
CeeDee LambWR/TE26485360
A.J. BrownWR/TE27495561
Antonio GibsonRB19985644
Keenan AllenWR/TE28505763
Matthew StaffordQB11525858
Benny Snell Jr.RB201005945
Jamison CrowderWR/TE29516064
Mark Ingram IIRB211026147
Diontae JohnsonWR/TE30536270
T.J. HockensonWR/TE31546371
Jared GoffQB12576467
Preston WilliamsWR/TE32556575
Devin SingletaryRB221116653
Darius SlaytonWR/TE33566777
Kirk CousinsQB13606872
Ben RoethlisbergerQB14616974
Ryan TannehillQB15637076
Anthony MillerWR/TE34587180
Sterling ShepardWR/TE35627281
Allen LazardWR/TE36647385
Christian KirkWR/TE37667486
Sammy WatkinsWR/TE38677587
Carson WentzQB16717682
Evan EngramWR/TE39687788
Jerry JeudyWR/TE40697889
DeSean JacksonWR/TE41727990
Malcolm BrownRB231278059