NFL Draft Betting: Where Will Chase Young Land?

An argument can be made that the best player in the draft does not play quarterback. Some might argue that the best player in the draft might be the guy who can routinely make plays like this.

In case you don't already know, his name is Chase Young, and he's going to be sacking your team's favorite quarterback for the foreseeable future -- that is, unless he's on your favorite team.

Trying to figure out which team Young won't be terrorizing is the task at hand -- one that you can bet on at FanDuel Sportsbook. Here's a look at some potential landing spots.

Washington Redskins (-430)

With the number one pick all but locked up, the likeliest landing spot for Young is at number two with the Washington Redskins. In fact, Washington's -430 odds gives them an 81.1 percent implied probability of landing the 20-year-old edge rusher.

Even though it is the likeliest scenario, I would advise against betting Washington at these odds. First, there's very little value here. Second, this is the Washington Redskins we're talking about -- expecting them to make the smart move is like expecting the sun to come out in the middle of the night.

Many expect the Redskins to pass on a signal-caller with the second pick -- I'm not as confident. From Robert Griffin III, to Case Keenum, to Alex Smith, to Kirk Cousins, to Dwayne Haskins, Washington has spent a significant amount of capital at quarterback in recent years. The fruits of their labor is a fantastic 41-70-1 record over their last seven seasons. Can we really put it past them to try their luck again?

Detroit Lions (+270)

Were the Redskins to take a quarterback or trade out of the second spot (likely to a quarterback-needy team), the third spot would be the next most-logical landing spot for Young. And that makes sense since three comes right after two (trust me, I went to school for this).

There are a lot of directions the Detroit Lions can go in with this pick, especially after trading away the most talented player -- Darius Slay -- from an already-atrocious secondary. That said, if Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa goes second (whether it's to the Redskins or via trade -- both realistic possibilities), Detroit could be left with the very easy decision of selecting Ohio State's star edge-rusher.

In fact, Burrow-Tua-Young being the first three picks -- in that order -- has the third-highest probability (+300) of any scenario, according to FanDuel Sportsbook. It is also six times more likely to occur than any other scenario in which Tua is drafted with the second pick -- Burrow-Tua-Jeffrey Okudah is +2000.

New York Giants (+700)

Last year, Josh Allen fell to the Jacksonville Jaguars at number seven even though a majority of evaluators had him going inside the top five. The same happened in 2018, with consensus top-three-prospect Bradley Chubb falling to the Denver Broncos at five. That's all to say that

The New York Giants were one of the teams to pass up on Allen last season. Nonetheless, if Young were to drop, even Dave Gettleman would have to change his philosophy and actually make the smart pick.

At +700, there's value here.