Week 14 Roundtable: the numberFire Experts' NFL Predictions

Who takes control of the AFC? The guys behind numberFire make our predictions for that and more.

Each week, the great minds behind numberFire will give you some answers to the big questions of the weekend. This week, we have the Texans/Patriots, a bit of love for the team from Cleveland, and a whole lot of bragging from Keith and Zach.

Game of the Week: Texans at Patriots. Who takes control of the AFC?

Keith Goldner, Chief Analyst: I'll take Tom Brady and the Patriots at home. Texans defense has been regressing the past few weeks, while the Patriots have shown their dominant offensive colors.

Nik Bonaddio, CEO: Patriots. Their offense is just too good and while the Texans have a stout defense to counteract them, they were exposed against both the Lions and Jaguars.

Michael Worthington, CTO: Patriots.

Sean Weinstock, COO: Texans. Finally. They're healthy-ish. And they're beasts.

Zach Warren, Editor: I'm not going to go away from the numbers, and Tom Brady is easily the leading MVP candidate. It's the Patriots.

GotW Records: Sean: 7-4, Keith: 6-6, Nik: 5-7, Michael and Zach: 4-6. It's fun when everybody takes Chicago over Seattle... and everybody loses.

Which game this week is your upset special?

Keith: I'd first like to gloat about my St. Louis pick despite them being 8-point underdogs last week. I'll take another big underdog, the Saints over the Giants on the road.

Nik: I'll take the Cowboys on the road to upset the Bengals.

Michael: Dallas is in the hunt for the NFC East and they won't be letting Cincy stand in their way (although I hope they do).

Sean: Houston over New England on Monday Night!

Zach: The Redskins are favored over the Ravens? I like RGIII, but not that much. Give me Baltimore.

Upset Special Records: Keith: 6-6, Zach: 4-6, Sean: 4-7, Michael: 3-7, Nik: 3-9

Who's more likely to win again this week: the Bills (vs. STL) or the Browns (vs. KC)?

Keith: Bills.

Nik: The Browns. Trent Richardson is a monster.

Michael: Despite their emotional win last week, KC will get back to its losing ways. The Browns should lock up a win.

Sean: Browns. Way better team, Vegas puts them 6.5 up... The Bills beat the the Jags. That doesn't count.

Zach: Did you know that the Browns have won four of their last seven? They're really not that bad guys. They should take care of KC.

Who are you picking for a survivor pool this week?

Keith: Indianapolis over Tennessee. Luck doin' work.

Nik: Can't see the Falcons losing to the Panthers.

Michael: Tampa Bay. Waited all season to use them. Now against a so-so Philly. Even with the Bryce Brown surge, the Bucs solid run defense should be able to shut it down.

Sean: Either the Niners or Pittsburgh. I've been a fan of what Miami's been able to do this season, but I don't think they stand up to the Niners. So yeah, the Niners.

Zach: Loving the Tampa over Philadelphia matchup. Do you really trust Nick Foles?

Survivor Records: Survivor Records: Michael and Zach: 8-2, Nik: 9-3, Keith: 8-4, Sean: 7-4. Props to Michael for last week's correct Cleveland selection.

Who will be the best currently under-the-radar fantasy player this week?

Keith: I like Justin Blackmon to have a huge week with Shorts recovering from injury.

Nik: Josh Gordon! No, I'm going to reach super deep and go with Montell Owens against the Jets.

Michael: Despite being bullish on the Cowboys winning, Andy Dalton will be reconnecting with his old flame Andrew Hawkins. So pick him up if an opponent dropped him a couple weeks ago.

Sean: Sam Bradford. The Bills are awful.

Zach: With James Starks out for the year and facing the Detroit defense, this is Alex Green's time to shine, especially if the Packers get up early.

Week 13's top under-the-radar pick: Riding Josh Gordon gets Zach the victory for the second time this year. Have to love those Browns receivers.