Week 7 Roundtable: the numberFire Experts' NFL Predictions

The Chris Johnson Fever, Flacco Power!, and more: find out what the people behind numberFire predict for week 7 in the NFL.

Each week, the great minds behind numberFire will give you some answers to the big questions of the weekend. Will Michael be able to catch back up after taking two weeks off for his honeymoon? And is Nik actually betraying his Steelers-fueled hatred of all things Browns and picking Cleveland? It's time to find out.

Game of the Week Pick: Baltimore at Houston. Anyone have the guts to go Flacco?

Keith Goldner, Chief Analyst: Houston, but I think Baltimore will cover.

Nik Bonaddio, CEO: Nope. Not in Houston, not with Ray Lewis out for the season.

Michael Worthington, CTO: Maybe not the guts to go with Flacco, but the guts to go with Rice. Packers showed Houston can be beat, and despite the Ravens injuries on D, they might be able to make it two losses in a row for the Texans.

Sean Weinstock, COO: Houston. Avenging last week's death. Plus Lew's age is finally catching up with him.

Zach Warren, Editor: Houston would be the smart choice. But perhaps I'm not a smart man. For the first time all season, I'm going heart over head and taking Delaware's own Joe Flacco.

GotW Records: Sean: 3-2, Keith, Nik, and Zach: 3-3, Michael: 1-3

Which game this week is your upset special?

Keith: Don't love any of them, but I'll say Cincy over the Steelers (sorry, Nik).

Nik: I'm very worried about the Steelers going into Cincinnati without Polamalu. It breaks my heart, but I may have to take that one.

Michael: Division games can get crazy, and the Jets/Patriots matchup always produces crazy results. I wouldn't be surprised if NY made that 12pt spread unnecessary and followed up last week's win with another one.

Sean: Wow, the lines favor the Bills?!?!... I'll take los Titanos here.

Zach: How 'bout them Browns! I say they take two in a row, with Richardson going off against a Colts team that laid down for Shonn Greene last week.

Upset Special Records: Keith and Zach: 3-3, Michael: 2-2, Sean: 2-3, Nik: 2-4

Who is more likely to win again this week: the Browns (@ IND) or the Bucs (vs. NO)?

Keith: Browns. Think the Saints will right the ship after their win and bye week.

Nik: Browns. Bucs have no shot.

Michael: New Orleans is coming off a bye week, and one can only hope they used it to learn how to play defense. Cleveland had 3 INTs against Cincy last week, and Indy doesn't have much of a run game to rely on right now. If Andrew Luck makes the same mistakes Andy Dalton did, the Browns can walk away with their second win this season.

Sean: Ugh, awful choices. Browns are more likely. I don't think either of them win though.

Zach: See my above answer, but it's the Browns. As a rule of thumb, I will never take Josh Freeman over Drew Brees, no matter what the rest of the teams look like.

Who are you picking for a survivor pool this week?

Keith: Patriots. They are going to go dirty on Sanchez.

Nik: I'll take the suddenly surging Packers to win on the road at St. Louis.

Michael: I like Minnesota over Arizona. The QB change up for the Cardinals is just one of the reasons for them to lose three in a row.

Sean: Oakland. If they don't fall apart, which they like to do.

Zach: I like the Patriots the most, but I've used them already, so I'm going Bears.

Survivor Records: Zach: 4-2, Keith and Nik: 3-3, Michael: 2-2, Sean: 2-3.

Who will be the best currently under-the-radar fantasy player this week?

Keith: Chris Johnson. I'm expecting him to go off versus Buffalo.

Nik: Brandon Weeden is quietly putting up some decent numbers and I think he's got potential to be a top 10/15 QB against the Colts.

Michael: Earl Bennett is back for the Bears after a hand injury. I'm thinking four receptions for fifty yards.

Sean: I was right about Randy Moss last week! I didn't start him though...awful life choices. Does Kenny Britt count as "under the radar"? If so, Kenny Britt. If not, Randy Moss. (Editor's Note: He was in fact right. I had simply barred him from choosing Randy Moss for the third straight week. That ban has now lifted.)

Zach: This is the week Kendall Wright does it. At least one TD, if not two, for the Titans receiver.

Last week's top under-the-radar pick: Chris Givens did have 80 yards receiving last week for the Rams, so I'm giving myself the victory here. It's the benefits of being the Editor. Also, shame on us this week for trusting too many Titans offensive players.