Overtime Field Goals: Closer is Better

Robbie Gould's missed field goal could've gone a different direction with a little analytics.

After making a field goal in overtime on Sunday, Blair Walsh and the Vikings thought they had the game won. But there was a face mask penalty that sent the field goal back 15 yards. After a third-down run that saw a loss of yardage, Walsh went on to miss a 57 yarder to end the game.

Fortunately for Minnesota, Robbie Gould didn't have any better luck, missing one of his own on second down during the next drive. The Vikings were then able to go back down the field and finally seal the deal.

As numberFire Chief Analyst Keith Goldner shows, Chicago head coach Marc Trestman may have made a mistake by bringing on Robbie Gould on second down rather than trying to get closer to the goal posts. With field goal attempts, closer is always better.

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