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Daily Fantasy Football: Week 13 Optimized Lineups

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Adrian Peterson has the best matchup possible this weekend against the Bears. Does he make our lineups?

Do you like cash? So do our algorithms. Last week, we had Donnie Avery in 60% of our lineups, and Jamaal Charles in every single one. And while everyone was afraid of using Philip Rivers, we weren't - he rounded out a nice StarStreet lineup.

It didn't stop there though. Our math picked out Tom Brady, Antonio Brown (despite his Joe Haden matchup), Martellus Bennett and Alex Smith.

Needless to say, it was a great week. Let's keep things going, shall we?

If you’re unfamiliar, daily fantasy football rewards those who know how to compile stellar weekly fantasy lineups – your mediocre draft doesn’t matter. You’re starting a brand new squad every single week based on salary cap restrictions. It’s time to rejoice Mr. “I forgot to select my second running back until Round 7”.

To help you out with this daily format, we’ve used our massive database and thousands of lines of code to optimize your lineups. Each daily site has unique dollar values associated with each player, so one optimized roster on one site may look different compared to another one.

Luckily for you, we’ve created not one, but five lineups across five different daily sites based on our algorithms. You can find these optimized lineups below.

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A.J. Green
WR, Cincinnati Bengals

Adrian Peterson
RB, Minnesota Vikings

Brandon Marshall
WR, Chicago Bears

Jimmy Graham
TE, New Orleans Saints

Lesean McCoy
RB, Philadelphia Eagles

Marques Colston
WR, New Orleans Saints

Matt Forte
RB, Chicago Bears

Roddy White
WR, Atlanta Falcons

Brandon Weeden
QB, Dallas Cowboys

E.J. Manuel
QB, Buffalo Bills

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