Which Running Backs Ran the 40-Yard Dash Best at This Year's Combine?

This year's running back class ran their 40-yard dashes. Who did it best?

This year's loaded running back class just completed their 40-yard dashes, and as we looked at earlier this week, that's the event that more than likely matters most for these players as they transition to the NFL.

So, who performed best? Take a look at the chart below.

What this chart shows us is the following: the player, the school he attended, how much he weighs, the historical average 40 time at that weight (since 2005), what his unofficial 40 time was, the difference between that and the average, and then his Speed Score. The latter number, Speed Score, factors in 40-yard dash time and weight and makes it a nice rounded number that generally conforms to 100.

Unsurprisingly, Leonard Fournette tops the chart -- which is sorted by Speed Score -- as he ran a 4.51 at just 240 pounds. That was the fastest 40-yard dash time by a 240-pounder ever at the combine. Other players who performed well include Joe Williams, T.J. Logan, and Jeremy McNichols.

On the flip side, the slimly-built D.J. Pumphrey didn't show off a ton of speed given his size, and Kareem Hunt disappointed with just a 4.62 time.