Tight End Streaming: Week 6 Edition

Five of the top-12 Week 5 tight ends were streamers. Expect more of the same in Week 6.

"Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein." -Joe Theisman, ESPN announcer, former NFL quarterback, genius

Fortunately, you don't have to be "Norman Einstein" or Joe Theisman to find success in the amazing game of fantasy football. You don't have to be a "genius" to realize that the tight end stream runs deep. If you don't have a stud tight on your roster it's time to get streaming. And what about the bye-week blues? No Tony Gonzalez? No Charles Clay? No problem.

Week 5 Results

Jeff Cumberland, Charles Clay, Brent "Magnum TE" Celek, Lance Kendricks, and Jim Dray led the way as Week 5 saw five streamers place amongst the top-12 tight ends. In fact, 14 of the top-24 tight end performances last week came from streamers. Expect more of the same this week.

Week 6 Streamers

Health Miller, Pittsburgh Roethlisbergers (owned in 21.1% of ESPN Leagues)

Heath Miller is fantasy football's iPhone 5s. If you don't pick him up while he's available, you're never going to get him.

Miller remains under the radar because last week was a bye for the Steelers. Miller, however, went back to being a Ben Roethlisberger favorite in Week 4, just his second week back after recovering from ACL surgery. The tight end went for 70 yards on six catches against the Vikings, and he played without any restrictions. He increased his net expected points per target, a statistic that tells us how many real points he contributes to his offense per target, to an impressive .63. Don't forget, he had a career year in 2012 with 816 yards and eight touchdowns in 15 games, and finished last season with a superb receiving NEP per target of .81. Look for Miller to go ham on a Jets defense that didn't feel like covering Tony Gonzalez this past Monday night.

Garrett Graham, Houston Schauberceptions (owned in 3.4% of ESPN Leagues)

Graham disappointed in Week 5 with only 15 yards on three receptions, and this caused his receiving NEP per target to fall to a still-impressive .71. Much of the blame, however, for the Texans deteriorating passing offense must be placed on the weak shoulders and noodle arm of Matt Schaub, a quarterback who looks more and more like a knuckleball pitcher each week. Schaub has become a defensive back's dream, with seemingly every throw to the flat feeling like a pick-six opportunity.

So then why is Graham a big-time streamer this week? Well, primary tight end Owen Daniels is out with a fractured fibia, turning Graham into a prominent option in the Texans' passing attack. Graham has proven to have good hands in the red zone, with three touchdowns in five contests this year. Schaub has had recent difficulties getting the ball to his receivers on the outside, so you could anticipate that he'll be looking to the middle of the field more offen. And who will be running routes through the creamy center of St. Louis' subpar defense? That would be Graham, Houston's top tight end for the forseeable future.

Scott Chandler, Buffalo Wings (owned in 9.6% of ESPN Leagues)

Chandler isn't just Joey's roommate on Friends. He's also a top play on the tight end stream. Chandler has shown some signs of life this season; he had a 79-yard, one-touchdown performance in Week 3 and went for 49 yards a four catches last week. Chandler's receiving NEP per target this year is .67, equaling Jimmy Graham's season receiving NEP per target in 2012. With Thad Lewis coming from the practice squad to start at quarterback, we could be in for a conservative offense that relies on the run and the short passing game. Look for Chandler's target to pick up on Sunday, as he acts as an "outlet" for his inexperienced quarterback.

Deeper Streamers

Jordan Reed Washington Possibly Offensive Nicknames

Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit Injured Magatrons

Ed Dickson, Baltimore Crab Cakes