6 Must Starts For Week 3

Joique Bell for me, Joique Bell for you; I'll have some Joique, you have some too.

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It's gameday, and you've got to move. Is it Bernard Pierce or James Starks? Will Russell Wilson continue to disappoint, and is it time to think about a bench option like Ryan Tannehill instead? You've got questions; we've got math.

So with that in mind, our fancy schmancy algorithm has come up with six players that you might be waffling on that you simply need to start. And don't just take our word for it - take math's word for it. Math knows all. Math is good. Math clarifies.

(Seriously, go watch Gordon Gekko's speech from "Wall Street" and just sub in "math" for "greed". It all works.)

Matthew Stafford

You always kind of know what you're going to get from him, don't you? He's going to throw the ball about 70 times - even with Reggie Bush likely out - and provide enough highlights and lowlights to make you feel manic-depressive.

The algorithm feels pretty strongly that there's going to be more highlights than lowlights and I agree; the Redskins pass defense is softer than toilet left outside during Hurricane Andrew. Look for Stafford to hook up with Megatron on at least one big score, with Bell and underrated PPR option Nate Burleson getting in on the act as well. If you've got him, you have to start him.

Our projection: #9 QB

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson hasn't been himself over the past few years, although it's certainly possible that his decline is more a function of degrading skills than it is the somewhat dire situation around him. He's not CJ2K anymore; occasionally he gets up to 1.5K but that's really about it isn't it?

I'm here to tell you fine folks that this week is it - it's the week he gets the 2K back. Yes, it's the new millennium and there is time for Klax Chris Johnson. San Diego comes in dead last in our nERD rush efficiency for defense and in the absence of a true playmaker in the passing game - side note to Kenny Britt: you're not good enough to have Terrell Owens-esque attitude problems - Chris Johnson is going to tote the rock big time.

Our projection: #9 RB

Joique Bell

Pretty much everything said in the Stafford paragraphs can be said here. The Redskins wouldn't know defense if it fell off a rollercoaster at one of Dan Snyder's many theme parks. Like any team in the Big 12, they're all offense, all the time - creating a very combustible situation for Joique Bell and the Lions.

I think it's fair to expect at least 15 touches from Joique; the algorithm sees about 9 carries and 4 receptions - both of which feel a bit conservative. Start with him confidence as your RB2 or Flex, particularly in PPR leagues where he's likely to be a monster this week.

Our projection: #15 RB

Miles Austin

Not a ton of surprising WR projections this week; apart from our pick of Donnie Avery at #35 - making him a winning Flex for those who listened to us - there aren't a lot of players we're projecting to be dramatically over or under their usual projections.

So instead we'll simply turn our projections to consistency, someone who can put points on your board without fear of a Dwayne Bowe-esque bagel. With this in mind, the algorithm really likes Miles Austin this week, he of the consistent targets and solid matchup against the #28 defense St. Louis Rams. It follows logic that any defense will want to clamp down hard on Dez, so that leaves Witten and Austin to fight it out for target scraps. If the Rams can turn this game into a track meet and keep it close, Austin can certainly be in the range of 5-6 catches or more. Not a WR1 or even a upside WR2, but he's absolutely a solid Flex who will put it on the board for you.

Our projection: #21 WR

Brandon Myers

For the third week in a row, the algorithm trots out Brandon Myers as the high-upside, not-started-enough TE option. Everyone has jumped for Julius Thomas and Jordan Cameron; when is it Myers' time to get that love?

Even with Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks on the bus, Eli throws the ball around - that happens when your #1 RB has negative fantasy points for the year. Like the aforementioned Thomas and Cameron, Myers is a nightmare in the slot and off the ball; too fast for LBs, too strong for safeties. He'll make the most of 7-8 targets and get you solid points out of the TE spot.

Our projection: #9 TE

And now for our plug and play, man, what happened to the WVU Mountaineers D/ST of the week!

Minnesota Vikings D/ST

The Browns traded their best skill player by lightyears, and now they're headed into Minnesota where the crowd is loud and the cheese is liquid gold. Brandon Weeden is going to throw some picks and then some, making these guys a great waiver play if you're not lucky to have a team like Seattle, who will put 100 defensive points up on Jacksonville.

Ten points plus, book it.

Our projection: #4 D