3 FanDuel Kickers to Target in Week 11

Weather is the big story for Week 11. How should you approach kicker as a result?

In fantasy football, every point counts, and points are the only way you can win.

You need to maximize output from each and every player on your roster, and "punting" a position is never truly ideal. Sometimes in season-long leagues, you simply are stuck without any better options than who is on your roster already, but in daily fantasy football, where you are in control of every player you pick, there are no excuses.

So when you're making your lineups on FanDuel, don't leave kicker for last and choose whichever minimum-salary player fits in.

Move the position higher up on your priority list and learn to love the kicker. Start by targeting these three guys in Week 11.

Stephen Gostkowski, New England Patriots

FanDuel Price: $4,900

This week, you have to hone in on the weather, which is pretty gross in some situations. Be sure to check out our games and lineups page to track things before locking in your rosters.

The weather in San Francisco was looking much bleaker earlier in the week than it does now, just 6 mile-per-hour winds and precipitation around 15%. That's calm enough to consider Stephen Gostkowski, whose New England Patriots are 11.5-point favorites over the San Francisco 49ers. That point spread is trending downward, which is not something we want to target actively, but they still have an implied team total north of 31.

With a 74.5% chance to win, Gostkowski makes for a safe pick from a game script perspective. Just be willing to swap if the weather get worse again by kickoff.

Adam Vinatieri, Indianapolis Colts

FanDuel Price: $5,000

Because of weather concerns, you should give a long look at kickers in domes and stadiums with retractable roofs. That's what we have with Adam Vinatieri. His Indianapolis Colts have an implied team total of 27.5 and are favored by 2.5 over the Tennessee Titans. That's a pretty thin spread, and our algorithm sees this as roughly a 53-47 game in terms of win probability.

Still, he's failed to hit 7 FanDuel points just once all year, and you can get access to a high team total without concerns of weather if you spend $5,000 for Vinatieri.

Robbie Gould, New York Giants

FanDuel Price: $4,500

As always, we try to pinpoint a minimum-salary kicker in case you're unwilling or unable to invest more than $4,500 for the position. If that's the case this week, Robbie Gould is probably the best way to go. His New York Giants are 7.5-point favorites over his former Chicago Bears, and our algorithm sees them winning this one 77.6% of the time.

The issue? Weather, of course. The game currently looks to be facing winds around 20 miles per hour, which certainly isn't worth the risk. Unless the wind dies down by Sunday, save an extra couple of bucks to roster a safer kicker option.