The 10 Worst NFL Teams of the Last Decade

Everyone loves an underdog. Which NFL teams have had the worst seasons since 2006?

It’s never been cooler to be bad.

I sat with my mouth agape as a Cleveland professional sports team won a championship this year, breaking a 52-year drought for the city, but I wasn’t shocked at that fact itself. While confetti was still raining down from the arena’s rafters, articles began popping up arguing which city now had the worst go of it, and posts all over social media attempted to claim the newly-abdicated title of “most hard-luck fanbase.”

Long-suffering fans all over the sports world want their pain recognized, for sure. Still, no matter how much we want to anoint a new City of Sorrow, there will always be a special place in the schadenfreude of my heart for the poor Cleveland Browns’ “Red Right 88,” “The Drive,” and “The Fumble.” But these were just catastrophically cursed moments for a football team good enough to reach the playoffs, whereas some teams have been irredeemably bad in recent years. Cleveland may have the claim as an entire city, but do they hold the title in the National Football League?

Which NFL teams have been the worst of the last decade?