10 NFL Veterans Who Could Be on the Roster Bubble

With rookies getting up to speed, these 10 veterans are at risk of their roster stock crashing.

In the bartering systems of old, giving someone a tangible, physical product or service was repaid with some sort of good or service in kind: I give you a goat, and you build me a cabin. Eventually, money came to be a go-between: I give you a goat, and you give me cash. After that, we developed the idea of credit: I give you a goat, and your bank will loan you the idea of money (which is, itself, an idea) to pay me. During the “dot-com bubble,” however, some people were willing to invest in web domains that provided absolutely no service or product whatsoever; of course those “businesses” tumbled.

That means that, in the late 1990’s, I could just put a picture of a goat online, and you’d still pay me for it. All in all, it sounds like a good deal for whoever owns

In the same way, every year in the offseason, certain veterans become riskier gambles and fall from their solidified roster spots to the “roster bubble.” These veteran players can be bumped from their perches by rookies or new acquisitions in training camp, and so we fantasy speculators need to figure out which of these players are solid investments and which have a bear market coming.

Which NFL veterans could be on the roster bubble?