4 Fantasy Football Running Backs Looking to Bounce Back in 2016

Which running backs who fared poorly in 2015 have an opportunity to bounce back in 2016?

If you dip more than just a toe into the daily fantasy sports world, you'll find articles and writeups exploring all kinds of different cognitive biases that you'll encounter.

One bias that applies universally to all types of fantasy football is recency bias -- succinctly defined as recent experience that affects our decision making.

Our minds are naturally ingrained to remember negative outings far more greatly than positive ones. Those of you who drafted Montee Ball in one of the first two rounds in 2014 know what I mean here. I'd be willing to bet far more drafters of Ball remember missing the playoffs greater than those that drafted Dez Bryant and finished third in their league.

Whether we want to or not, our minds naturally fixate on these poor outings, and it probably led to a lot of fantasy players writing off the Denver backfield entirely in 2015.

While the masses gravitate away from the poor performances of last season, we can capitalize on this built-in value that separates average draft position (ADP) and their range of outcomes in 2016.

Four running backs were drafted in the top-10 last year that are currently on the outside (or right on the cusp) looking in for 2016. All four of these players have the potential to return to the top 10, presenting tremendous value for savvy fantasy owners.

Which running backs fared poorly in 2015 (relative to their draft capital) and have the potential to bounce back in 2016?

(The ADP data in this study is taken from Fantasy Football Calculator utilizing their 12-team, PPR/Flex draft setups.)