The 5 Worst 3rd-Down Quarterbacks of 2015

Which quarterbacks struggled most on 3rd down during the 2015 regular season? A few names will surprise you.

As is the case with every list, there are names at the top, and there are names at the bottom.

While identifying the quarterbacks who had the the most success on 3rd-downs this season is an important exercise in understanding passing efficiency as a whole, finding out who struggled in this area is just as interesting.

I’ve sorted this list in terms of Passing Net Expected Points (NEP), our primary metric here at numberFire used to identify player efficiency. The following five quarterbacks were the least efficient third-down passers in the league this season among all passers with 50 or more third-down attempts.

Three of the names here probably won’t shock you much, but the other two are among the most well-regarded quarterbacks in the game, making for a very interesting dichotomy.