10 Fantasy Football Sleepers for Week 17

Brian Hoyer returns from injury this week just in time for a great Week 17 matchup. What other under-the-radar players look good this week?

Fantasy football owners face many potential roadblocks on their way to a championship throughout the season. Between injuries, irrational coaching decisions and general bad luck, it's certainly no easy task to maneuver your way through the many pitfalls we all face.

What's that? Your league plays their championship game in Week 17? Well, let's just say that ups the degree of difficulty a bit further.

As teams clinch playoff spots and fall out of contention, the already arduous task of predicting who will and will not see the field becomes increasingly difficult. While we can follow the news all week and attempt to be as thorough in our preparation as possible, there's no way to be certain that a team that has already sealed their fate won't pull their starters if their game gets out of hand.

Have no fear, though -- we've prepared a list of ten players that are in great position to help your team pull out a victory in Week 17. Good luck -- and maybe consider petitioning your commissioner to move up your championship game a week next year, I'm just saying...