Plugging the Gaps: IDP Waiver Wire for Week 10

Nose tackle Brandon Williams should be able to rack up tackles and wrap up the Jaguars in Week 10.

It’s not easy to look into all of the specifics of matchups on a weekly basis when you’re planning your fantasy lineups. You have to consider talent, current production, and team usage when deciding if you should start a player. When you want to figure out a matchup, you need to know the opposing team, the impending weather, and how the flow of the game is likely to go. And all of this is without even getting into game theory – the science of figuring out another person’s logical decision-making.

This is why predicting what Bill Belichick will do is like sitting across a chessboard from Gary Kasparoff: a losing proposition.

Still, when we really sit down and take a look at our matchups, we can take calculated risks –- even in our Individual Defensive Player (IDP) lineups. Sometimes to checkmate our opponents, we need to sacrifice a little and dig deep for underowned options. How do we get the jump on our leaguemates’ gambits? In columns like this one. We’ll take a look at IDP options owned in 15% or less of ESPN leagues.

Which players in Week 10 will help you put a Maróczy Bind on the IDP waiver wire?