5 Reasons Why Jaron Brown Will Be 2015’s Waiver Wire Darling

What can the Cardinals’ other Brown do for you?

Sometimes everything just goes right. We’ve all had it: that perfect day that starts with the freshest cup of coffee imaginable, not too acidic but not too heavy. The sun is just peeking in through the corner of the window while you drink your coffee and the scrambled eggs on your plate are not too runny but not dry. There’s a quiet sense of peace in the air as the world slowly wakes up, and you watch it all unfold.

There are days that things line up just perfectly. The key is in figuring out how to make them repeat.

Last season, one young NFL wide receiver had a few such days. Jaron Brown of the Arizona Cardinals -- the other wide receiver named Brown -- became the go-to guy of the motley crew of quarterbacks that the Cardinals ran out in Carson Palmer’s absence, especially when veteran Larry Fitzgerald went down with injury. Some may see this as fluky, as small sample size production that’s unsustainable.

What I see is a breakout waiting to happen. Here are five reasons why Jaron Brown is going to brighten your morning and be your favorite waiver wire wideout in 2015.