The Top 5 Potential 2015 NFL Draft Busts

These players could turn into spectacular roman candles in the NFL or just self-destruct.

My dad and I both love language and love messing with words, so this past Memorial Day weekend, we found ourselves in one of our usual stream-of-consciousness banter sessions. One of his favorite things is to butcher old axioms and phrases of advice. For instance, one piece of wisdom I’ll never forget of his is “a bird in the hand is worth two in the tush.”

It’s not conventional advice, but it sure sticks with you.

Still, his goofy phrase comes to mind when thinking about the value of some of the NFL Draft prospects that were selected this year. We talk a lot about a prospect’s “surefire, can’t-miss” qualities, when there is -- in fact -- a lot of risk in unproven players, based on varying hit rates and each player having unique circumstances. My dad’s version of this old saying also becomes more relevant, as a mistake in the Draft will come back to bite you in the behind, especially if that mistake was a high draft pick.

So, if “a penny saved is a penny burned,” what players from the 2015 NFL Draft class should we be the most wary of as potential busts?