5 Reasons Why the Cowboys Would Be Idiotic to Trade for Adrian Peterson

After losing DeMarco Murray, the Cowboys have been linked to Adrian Peterson. But it would be so, so dumb for them to trade for him.

On January 3rd of last year, our own Jim Sannes wrote a controversial column titled, "Why the Vikings Should Trade Adrian Peterson".

Fast forward a year and some change, and here we are, talking about the Vikings trading Adrian Peterson.

Now, I'm fairly confident Jim isn't playing some Back to the Future Sports Almanac game. Instead, he was showing us the relative unimportance of the running back position in the NFL when he wrote the article last year. He didn't predict things would go down the way they did. But much of the thought and logic still makes sense: Minnesota could benefit from a trade, and teams taking on Adrian Peterson probably aren't getting the return they think they are.

The Cowboys are one of the teams being linked to a Peterson swap. It's only speculation at this point, but they just lost DeMarco Murray -- having a clear void at the position -- and Peterson is from Texas. Putting it together, it kind of makes sense.

Actually, it doesn't at all. Here are five reasons why.