Ranking the 7 NFL Head Coaching Hires

We've looked at a lot of coaching numbers this offseason, but who fits their team the best going forward?

Do you ever wish you could just hit the “reset” button in your life? You make a decision that sets you back a bit, gets you into hot water with the people who like you, or even costs you a lot of money and gets you nothing in return -- press “reset” and you get another chance.

Fortunately for NFL teams, achieving the effect of that “reset” button can be as simple as firing your head coach and finding a new one.

Seven teams this offseason took advantage of that mulligan opportunity and turned over their regimes. Seven coaches’ metaphorical heads were placed on figurative pikes and paraded in front of these cities’ new symbolic emperors of football, as they surveyed their new dominions.

But which head coaching hires from this season were the best? Which football fan bases should expect a real change from their new NFL heads of state? And which coaching czars will soon be deposed in yet another coup?

Let's take a look at each hire, ranking them from best to worst.