8 Big-Name Players You Shouldn't Trust in Week 14

Benching big names in the fantasy playoffs might be tough, but sometimes it's the right call. Who can't you trust in Week 14?

Hope, belief, and trust: these are all very big concepts that point towards the same idea but in varying degrees. Hope tends to be less of a possibility and more of a plea. Like the University of Central Florida's game-and-conference-winning Hail Mary pass last night, no one truly believed it would work; they just did what they could and let fate decide the rest. Belief is still an uncertainty, but you have a reason to think that it could be true. We all believed the Cowboys could win last night against a reeling Bears team, but we weren't sure; it is December, after all.

Trust, though, is a deep-seated conviction that needs to be earned. Trust is special, trust is precious, and trust is very important when it comes to fantasy playoffs time.

When it comes to December fantasy football, you don't want to give your whole heart to a player based on anything but that they've proven their worth to you in the past. There's also has to be a future, too; a lot of what we do is predicting the future, and if there's no upside to your fantasy relationship with a player, you know you have to kick their can to the waiver wire. It can be a brutal, cold world out there in the process of setting your lineup. That's why I'm here to coach you through these trying decisions, so that you can eventually find a lineup you truly love. Which big-name players are preventing us from full trust and true love as we look at Week 14?