8 Players You Shouldn't Trust in Week 12

Though Ryan Mathews is back and healthy, he doesn't bring much hope to Week 12.

Most of my co-workers at my day job know that I'm a football writer, so almost all of them come to me when they or their significant others have a question about a waiver claim, a trade idea, or anything remotely related to the sport. I'm more than happy to dish out my opinion on things, but I was flummoxed when one of my co-workers approached me with a theory they'd come up with.

I'm paraphrasing, but it essentially boiled down to this simple equation: the length of a superstar NFL player's hair directly correlates to their NFL talent (not production, she was quick to clarify). She rattled off examples like Clay Matthews, Riley Cooper, and of course Troy Polamalu, and there were very few points I could contest.

The only hole I could poke in that was actually a brand-new theory: "Long hair, don't care" does not apply to the NFL. In fact, there almost seems to be an exponentially inverse relationship between the amount of caring that is given and the length of an NFL player's hair (if not, Jay Cutler would look like Rapunzel). This, my friends, is real statistical science.

So, flowing locks or not, I'm begging you all to adopt the "DGAF face" like so many Cutlers and Kyle Ortons before us have when it comes to these eight players this week. There's been plenty of attrition in the fantasy ranks, but I can still find some big-name matchups you'll want to fade in Week 12. Who are they?