8 Big-Name Players You May Want to Bench in Week 8

There will be no warm fuzzies in Atlanta or Chicago this week. Check out who to bench in Week 8.

ASMR is a weird and wonderful thing. Autonomous sensory meridian response is the fancy name for that tingle you get down your spine when someone plays with your hair, or whispers in your ear, or creates a comforting sound to set off that little shudder. Some people can't experience ASMR, but those who can report it feeling comforting, relaxing, euphoric, and even can help put people to sleep easier. There's a whole sub-culture of "ASMRtists" who make videos that trigger this response in people. While this may sound bizarre, it's interesting at the very least and really positive at the best.

Why do I bring up "brain tingles" as an introduction to this week's article? There are players that give you a sense of relaxation and reliability each week; Peyton Manning sends a little buzz down your spine every time he drops 20 or more points in a week. Then there are some that cause more of a cold chill than anything else when you think about starting them.

Here are eight of those players who won't provide comfort in your fantasy lineups for Week 8.