6 Things I Learned From Week 3 of the NFL Season

Tom Brady and the Patriots have been pretty mediocre offensively to start the season.

As we move through the NFL season, we'll start to get more and more data points that should, in turn, create fewer surprises. But with only a few games played for each team thus far, we're still learning a heck of a lot about what's in store for 2014.

As a result, the thoughts we have about teams or players this early on are often vague. "The Jaguars are still a bad team" or "Maybe Torrey Smith just won't be a big part of the Ravens offense" are the types of high-level conclusions we're making right now. In a few weeks, the hope is that it'll be more like "Why is Pep Hamilton using Coby Fleener in the red zone when Dwayne Allen has a much higher red zone conversion rate, as we've seen over the last nine games of the season?"

It's still a week to look at things from a birds-eye view. Let's take a look at six takeaways from Week 3.