8 Players You May Want to Sit in Week 2

After a bad Week 1, can you trust Tom Brady to be fantasy worthy in Week 2?

Week 2 is upon us! Like a bunch of burly, 300-pound puzzle pieces, our initial player data points are starting to create a picture for us of what the 2014 season will look like. Just as NFL teams' pictures are starting to come into focus, your fantasy teams are starting to shape up as well.

We're still in the early goings, and there are many moving pieces, but that shouldn't prevent us from checking the picture on the cover of the box to see what this project should look like. Along the course of another 16 weeks, we as fantasy owners will figure out that "This player is clearly a corner piece", as well as, "This guy might actually just be a Monopoly token; how did he get in the puzzle box to begin with?"

Here are eight players who don't belong in your lineup puzzle for Week 2.