The 10 Best Running Backs for the 2014 Fantasy Football Season

Who are the best fantasy football options at running back this season?

There may be no more important position in fantasy football than running back. With some of the highest bust rates of any position, unpredictable injury potential, but so many scoring opportunities, running backs win and lose leagues every season.

And while the picks you make in the first or second round won't usually win or lose a fantasy football season on their own, building a team on the foundation of a strong running back remains one of the most viable strategies in all of fake football.

That's because securing the right back - one who can produce every week and lock down a running back slot in your starting lineup - allows for more flexibility with the rest of your roster. You're not left adding every back who breaks away for a 10-yard gain off the bench when you have a solid starter or two in your lineup every week.

And if you want a good start at the running back position, these 10 players are the ones to consider with your early picks. Here they are, in order, along with their projected statistics. (You can see the rest of the running backs, along with other positions, customized for your league settings on our Cheat Sheet page.)