Fantasy Football: 3 Things We Learned in Week 15

Derrick Henry's value has skyrocketed over the last two weeks, making him one of the most important players in fantasy football. What else can we learn from Week 15?

It's hard to believe that the end of the fantasy football season is here. The 16-week campaign is finally reaching its conclusion.

But just because it's coming to an end doesn't mean we have to stop learning. If you're advancing to your championship, now would be the very worst time to start slacking off. And even if you aren't still alive, there's still plenty you can learn right now that will be helpful in your drafts next year.

The NFL landscape changes wildly every week. If your team featured Damien Williams, Justin Jackson or Gus Edwards back in September, you would have been laughed out of the room. They each finished as top-16 running backs in Week 15 (pending Monday night football) and have legitimate, bankable workloads. If you weren't paying attention, you would be missing out on some of the most important players in the playoffs.

Plenty of action went down this week that we can learn from and can help you now and in the future. Here are three things we learned in Week 15.