Week 14 Game Scripts to Target in Daily Fantasy Football

In a potential shootout between the Buccaneers and Saints, Michael Thomas will look to repeat his 16-catch game from Week 1. Which other games set up well for production in Week 14?

In season-long fantasy leagues, the playoffs are here. Welcome to Week 14.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, "game script" simply refers to the way that a game plays out. If you can predict how a game is going to unfold, you should have an easier time being able to predict which players will be in line for production.

Luckily, we don't have to try to predict the game scripts each week on our own. Oddsmakers do the job for us and have been perfecting their craft for decades. Betting odds are one of the many useful tools included in our Daily Fantasy Matchup Heat Map.

Using this information from the sportsbooks helps teach us which games to focus on in daily fantasy contests. When a game has a high over/under, it means a lot of points will be scored and, therefore, a lot of fantasy points. This recurring game scripts article will target these high-scoring matchups while trying to avoid low-scoring matchups that often aren't fruitful in fantasy football.

Each week I'll be focusing on some of the more interesting game scripts, tying in correlation plays that can give you an edge in your daily fantasy contests on FanDuel. Let's get to it!