Fantasy Football: 3 Players You Can Drop After Week 12

Golden Tate just isn't working out in Philadelphia. What other players can you drop heading into Week 13?

The fantasy playoffs are just around the corner, which means it's time to reevaluate the construction of your teams' rosters.

If you're playing to win -- or even playing to not lose your consolation bracket -- you need to start looking ahead. If you're streaming defenses and quarterbacks off of your waiver wire, that might mean stashing players that have great matchups in Weeks 14 through 16. If you have a couple of elite running backs you may want to take out an insurance policy on those guys and pick up their backups.

There will be plenty of content coming out on this very website to help you prepare for your upcoming games and playoffs, informing you about which teams have the best matchups and which players are primed for late-season breakouts. But it's often just as difficult to decide who to cut from your teams as it is to decide who to add. There might be no worse feeling than cutting a player just to watch them break out on an opponent's team, and that fear can lead you to hanging onto players for too long. There's a real opportunity cost to keeping assets that aren't returning value, especially with the end of the season fast approaching.

The players we are going to talk about today still have very high ownership percentages despite vastly under-performing expectations. You might be hanging on to them because of their name value, or maybe you're holding onto them because of their past production. But both receivers we are going to cover today have produced at a worse rate than Josh Doctson over their last three games, so it might be time to finally cut bait with these guys for the rest of the season.

Here are three players you can cut after Week 12.