Fantasy Football: 4 Players You Can Drop After Week 9

The Ravens' passing game started the season on fire but has cooled off recently, rendering Michael Crabtree expendable in fantasy. Who else can we drop in Week 9?

Think about this for a moment. Which hypothetical situation is worse?

1) A player on your fantasy team gets hurt. You cannot start them for multiple games, but when they return they should maintain their previous workload; or,

2) A player on your fantasy team starts off hot, but cools off shortly thereafter. You are afraid to put that player in your starting lineup because they haven't been productive, but you keep them on your bench in case they turn it around.

If you're anything like me, situation two is far less desirable than situation one. Players like that can hold your fantasy team back, and sometimes it's just best to move on from them.

We go over players in situation two each week to make those decisions a little easier for you. Sometimes all you need is just a little help from your friends -- especially before your waiver wires run later tonight or early tomorrow morning.