5 Players You Can Drop After Week 7

Carlos Hyde's fantasy value has tanked since he was traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Who else can you drop after this past week?

I got a haircut this week and a certain sports talk show was on the barbershop’s TV. I heard the host of the show mention his theory that the Philadelphia Eagles – last year’s Super Bowl champions – were playing below their talent level because “they are no longer underdogs; they don’t need to fight for that ring”. While I scoffed at this idea, my barber agreed with the TV man, saying that the Super Bowl hangover was a real effect.

I wanted to retort with a salvo of stats, but then I realized that I like going to that business… and my barber was the one with a razor to my head, so I’d lose that argument when it came down to it.

It’s fluffy notions like this that get in the way of the slick ‘do that our fantasy football teams are capable of rocking. Think you can’t take a little off the top, and that the messy look is good for your roster? Buddy, I’m telling you now: we all need a trim here or there, and that’s what this column is here to help you with.

Obviously, guys who suffered season-ending or season-derailing injuries in Week 7 – running backs Devonta Freeman (groin) and Marshawn Lynch (groin) – need to be dropped, benched, or deactivated to your team’s IR immediately. But we're going to focus on players who saw a smaller-than-expected role or under-performed when given an opportunity.

Here are five guys who can be confidently dropped from your roster after Week 7 in favor of other options.