Fantasy Football: 5 Players You Can Drop After Week 2

Rex Burkhead is getting squeezed out of the Patriots' running back rotation. Which other players can you consider dropping for a better option this week?

Sometimes you can do everything right, and somehow the plans you made never come around the way you want. I sometimes think about previous pursuits in my life that I gave a lot of time and energy to, and still fell short. What is it that makes these situations fail, even when all the signs say it should go well?

This is exactly the kind of introspection that is important for you to go through in the fantasy football season, when that sleeper pick from the 15th round just doesn’t appear to be panning out the way you’d hoped, or when someone emerges on the waiver wire to take his place. We need to evaluate these players, and then take action by dropping those that won’t be successes this year in spite of what we thought before the season.

Obviously, guys who suffered season-ending or season-derailing injuries in Week 2 -- running back Kenneth Dixon (knee) and wide receiver Mike Wallace (leg fracture) -- need to be dropped (or place on IR) immediately. But we're going to focus on players who saw a smaller-than-expected role or underperformed when given an opportunity.

Here are five guys who can be confidently dropped from your roster in favor of other options.