2018 NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

An exciting Week 1 came to end after a number of exciting moments and surprising outcomes. How did it affect our power ratings heading into Week 2?

Unless you are Nathan Peterman or a Titans fan who sat through the longest game in history to watch your team lose, you probably had some fun this weekend.

The NFL’s opening weekend featured the highest-scoring Week 1 game on record, a rookie rising to the occasion in his debut and an epic primetime comeback from one of the game's marquee stars. And the Browns didn’t lose!

As for our power rankings, most of the league stayed more or less where they were last week, as one game tends not to be a big enough sample to move the needle just yet.

18 teams are within 3 spots of where they started and 25 moved up or down by 5 spots or less. Still, the week had its share of surprises and our nERD ratings certainly reflect those, as well. In case you're unfamiliar, nERD measures how many points above or below average a team is.

Here is how the league breaks down with one week in the books.