Fantasy Football: 5 Undervalued Running Backs to Target

The key to fantasy football is to outscore your opponents. That's it. That's all the more complicated it is.

Of course, that's not exactly simple. You can't always pick the best players (what does that even mean, anyway?), and that's what makes the game challenging.

The path to success, then, stems primarily from value. In a fantasy football sense, that just means making the most of your transactions, whether they're draft picks, waiver-wire acquisitions, or trades.

You'll need to match good returns on investment with sound lineup choices when the games finally kick off, but the better value you've generated, the more options you'll have to choose from week in and week out throughout the 16-week fantasy season.

There's a distinct difference (to me) between a player being undervalued and being a sleeper. Undervalued implies that a player is being overlooked based on his current role, whereas a sleeper often doesn't have an average draft cost or is dependent on a few things breaking in his favor. If you're interested in those types of picks, check out these five running backs.

With that in mind, these five running backs could provide significant value for your fantasy squads in 2018, based on where they're being drafted in 12-team PPR leagues, according to FantasyFootballCalculator.