Fantasy Football: 9 Sleeper Wide Receivers to Target in 2018

Our staff breaks down which late-round receivers can be hidden gems in your fantasy football drafts.

The term "sleeper" has evolved along with fantasy football. While there may have been a time that a sleeper was truly a player that all but the most diehard fantasy aficionados may not even know exists, let alone have considered for a draft pick, that's not often the case anymore.

And just the fact that you're reading this means that nobody is going to hit you with a true "sleeper" that you haven't pondered yourself or at least seen discussed online. Between the huge number of outstanding fantasy articles that come out all offseason and the non-stop stream of fantasy consciousness on Twitter, claiming you have found a gem that nobody else has just isn't going to be accurate.

But beyond arguing the semantics of the term, there is still plenty of reason to give sleepers an in-depth look.

If you're in a highly competitive league, with other diehards who are always up to date, the value comes in nailing down exactly which of the year's sleepers are worth considering, and which are likely to flame out in Jeff Janis-esque fashion. Once you've made that distinction, you can be confident in paying up a round or two above a player's average draft position (ADP) to make sure you're snagging one of the valuable options ahead of your sharp league-mates.

And if you're in a more casual league, maybe in your office or with family members who would have called you crazy if they knew you started preparing for this season in June, the edge is even bigger. In those leagues, "sleeper" tends to hold closer to its original definition. There are few things as satisfying as having a co-worker mock you for picking someone they haven't heard of, only for that player to be a backbone of your championship team.

With sleepers being such a vital part of the game, nine of our writers have come together to each outline their favorite sleeper pick at the wide receiver position.

We've also got you covered for a wide draft range, as well. None of these sleepers are going off the board as even a top-36 wide receiver, per, and 8 of the 9 are going outside the top-50, with a couple being taken so infrequently that they don't register in FFC's data at all.

Let's get right into it.