Fantasy Football: Ranking Each NFL Team's Number-Two Receiver

In fantasy, we can find tremendous value in the second receiver in a team's offense. Let's take a look at the best such wideouts and rank them from worst to first.

While you may have a tender spot in your heart for your favorite star player, it has likely been someone a bit more obscure who has helped clinch you a fantasy title in the past. Heck, they might not have even been the best player at their position on their own team.

And those are the types of wideouts we are looking at today. Which wide receivers are deemed to be secondary options on their own teams, based on our draft tendencies? And can those number-two guys help us win some fake games throughout this season?

We will breakdown all 32 number-two wide receivers as determined by their average draft position in half-PPR formats, per This is each team's secondary receiver as determined by you, the drafters.

I have included my own receiving projections, and I'd encourage you to consider building your own top-down projections to see where value can be found in your draft. It's as much a learning experience as it is a final product. Of course, we also offer 2018 fantasy projections here at numberFire.

Perhaps we will find a handful of players who present themselves as a great value for this season.

Let's begin!