Fantasy Football: 10 Sleepers to Target Late in Your Draft

Hitting on a late-round pick can be a massive boost for your fantasy team. Here are 10 players going in the final rounds who could be a league-winning lottery ticket this season.

The final few rounds in a fantasy football draft can feel like a crapshoot -- in a lot of ways, that's absolutely what it is -- but hitting on a player with one of those final picks can give you a huge leg up in your league.

A year ago, Alvin Kamara and Dion Lewis were two late-round lottery tickets who paid off in a big way. Both came off the board after the start of the 13th round in standard leagues, per Fantasy Football Calculator's 2017 average draft position data (ADP), and they each turned in RB1 (top-12) seasons.

Of course, it's unrealistic to expect to nab a top-12 back with one of your final selections, but even winding up with a player who starts for you on a fairly regular basis throughout the year is a big win in the later rounds.

There are a lot of variables at play when you're throwing darts late in the draft, and luck is certainly a factor. But we can try to apply at least a little method to the madness, with opportunity and upside being the two key things we're looking for.

Let's use Kamara and Lewis as examples. Sure, no one expected them to see big volume last season, which is why they were taken where they were, but both offered all-around skills and were set to be a part of high-powered offenses. As a result of a dud season from a backfield mate -- Adrian Peterson for Kamara and Mike Gillislee for Lewis -- each runner got signifcant volume and parlayed that into a superb season.

While there's no guarantee any of the players in this article pan out anywhere close to as well as Lewis and Kamara did last season, each of the following guys check at least a few boxes and are worth having on your radar in the final rounds of your draft.


All ADP data is for standard formats and comes from Fantasy Football Calculator.