Fantasy Football: Which Players Are Being Drafted at a Discount in 2018?

Recent results tend to cloud our view of players who have succeeded in the past. Which fantasy assets should you target at their current ADPs?

“If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing: timing.”

The follow-up to that quote isn’t exactly PG and this is a family website, but the summary is essentially that “timing sucks".

That’s how fantasy football drafts can seem sometimes: you do all the research in the world, you mock draft and read magazines, then the draft begins and you miss out on all your guys by luck of the draw. But you can also get them all. Timing can go perfectly wrong or perfectly right.

That’s why one of the key things to be aware of as we begin the run-up to fantasy draft season is the tension between a player’s value and their cost. Player A could be worth only 5 points per game, but if he’s there in the last round of your draft, maybe he’s a better value than Player B’s 8 points per game 10 rounds earlier.

That’s why we’re going to dig into fantasy football players who, to this point, are discounted redraft assets coming into the 2018 season. That being said, who will give you the most bang for your buck versus their draft position a year ago?

All average draft positions (ADPs) come courtesy of Fantasy Football Calculator.